Children of Heaven establishment anniversary


You were accompanying us for 18 years

 Ordibehesht 18 is the anniversary of  Disabled Children of Heaven

Charity .Disabled Children of Heaven charity is an organization that is established with the concern of the physically  and mentally handicapped. the goal of this institution is to increase the quantity and quality of life of people with disabilities by providing the most appropriate caring and is originated from high motivation of service to fellow mankind and focuses on people with disabilities at the national level and charity works domain.

Taking care of disability based on the latest methods of novel therapeutic is the main mission of this organization and the have staff sincerely strive together to achieve the goals of the Institute.

Thank you for your constant companion to Children of Heaven

About Us

Children of Heaven charity institute has thr responsibility of maintenance and rehabilitation of 400 handicapped orphans (the disabled, the elderly and mental illness)

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  • No37 , Sarv Street , Above Mir Damad , Vali Asr Street