Physiotherapy (in English: physiotherapy) is a method of treatment of neuro-muscular-skeletal diseases and disorders using mechanical equipment, electrical flows, hand exercises and other physical factors. In these exercises, light, ultraviolet and infrared rays, heat and electrical current is used. physiotherapy is with medical areas that aimed at disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and promoting health.

Physiotherapy treatment is generally divided into three main groups:

  1. Exercise therapy: physical therapist prescribed by doing specific training and exercise therapy, massage, exercising in the water (Hydrotherapy); action to heal the sick or raise the level of health.

2 electrotherapy treatment is performed by special devices, these devices are usually specific wave (microwave, short wave radio, ultrasonic, electromagnetic waves), all produced  and change by a particular form (modulated).

  1. Skills of manual therapy (Manual Therapy)

This section contains consulting for physiotherapy and rehabilitation,  breathing physiotherapy and organs physiotherapy aimed at preventing and improving range of movement restriction and improving motion in the joints and the rehabilitation unit in   physiotherapy is ready to provide these services.

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