Occupational therapy is sub group of rehabilitation science and it’s task is to review and evaluate the abilities, treatment and education of disabled  with brain stroke , different diseases, disasters, accidents, war, mental retardation, etc. Graduates of the course can work on  treatment and rehabilitation of patients physically and psychologically with the diagnosis and introduction of the Dr. The purpose of this field is to increase independence and enhance the patient’s ability to perform daily and social activities and life skills. The expertise of an occupational therapist is to help the physical, movement, mental and spiritual rehabilitation of people with disabilities and in addition to this, the occupational therapist the occupational therapist by teaching different works and activities appropriate to kind of disability and increasing mental ability by using different workshops fights with disability and prevents development of diseases and brings back the disabled into the social environment and provides his independence.

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Children of Heaven charity institute has thr responsibility of maintenance and rehabilitation of 400 handicapped orphans (the disabled, the elderly and mental illness)

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