Speech therapy or speech and language pathology is a science that evaluates, diagnose and treats all kinds of speech and language disorders and its goal is to help people with these problems:

  1. A) help people with disorders of articulation. So they can learn articulation properly.
  2. B) help patients who have impaired speech or had throat surgery for different reasons and doesn’t have normal face.
  3. C) help patients who are aphasia due to brain damages (these patients have no power to speak or speak in irrelevant way)
  4. D) to assist the hearing impaired to have verbal communication.
  5. E) contribute to a wide range of mental retardation for verbal communication.
  6. F) helping patients with swallowing disorders (eating).

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Children of Heaven charity institute has thr responsibility of maintenance and rehabilitation of 400 handicapped orphans (the disabled, the elderly and mental illness)

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