Hospice Charity Babysitting  of physically and mentally handicapped and elderly patients with the name of Kamran Children of Heaven is giving service in the form of a non-profit non-governmental organization since1378 with registered number of 15280 .

The institute is working in four parts of girls under 14, boys older than 14 years and adults (older) and the office of community participation making Qods . Notably, about 60% of the beloved orphans are unidentified and bad parented and because of the cost of the institution such as food, pharmaceutical, consuming are funded through donations, The institutions need you goog benefactors support.


About Us

Children of Heaven charity institute has thr responsibility of maintenance and rehabilitation of 400 handicapped orphans (the disabled, the elderly and mental illness)

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  • +9821-43613
  • info@bachehayeaseman.org
  • No37 , Sarv Street , Above Mir Damad , Vali Asr Street