Psychology in Children of Heaven charity contains various ways that impact the mental and behavioral disabilities

Some of these techniques:

Play Therapy

All of the centers of charity institute are equipped with playing room. playing is one of the important factors in physical and mental and emotional health of the disables and it’s a mean of teaching the principles of life. Disabled is fruitful and full of energy this energy is required to be emptied. When there is no positive and logic aspects around the child to give up this energy,this energy causes restlessness. Positive use of this energy increases confidence and strengthens the desire of the disabled.

painting therapy

Painting is very important in forming the character of persons with disabilities and not only makes it possible to identify the envirinment and participent in that or makes some questions in his mind,it also makes it possible to arrange the issus provided by every dimensions.

Manual work

It is done in single or group form in playing room at every time that the disabled is ready from mental and physical aspects. the aim of doing it is increasing hand skill ,thought and work co-ordination and enthusiasm of that person.

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Children of Heaven charity institute has thr responsibility of maintenance and rehabilitation of 400 handicapped orphans (the disabled, the elderly and mental illness)

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